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I think we should bet stronger physically as we get older, so that we can apply what we learned and discovered in our life journey in bigger scale, and make significant difference in the world we live in. 


I think we should bet stronger physically as we get older, so that we can apply what we learned and discovered in our life journey in bigger scale, and make significant difference in the world we live in. 

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Documentary “I Am”  

A film director faces his own death and starts asking “What’s wrong with the world and what can we do about it?”  And ends up finding what is right with the world.





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Fuji Sunrise (by Camera Freak)



Cutting off hair in ancient Asia (Japan, China, Korea & possibly some other Asian cultures) symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home. In the more modern age that is now, cutting long hair into a short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew.

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How Romney Manufactured a Bestseller

Earlier this year, Political Wire was the first to note that Mitt Romney’s book, No Apologies, was boosted to the New York Times bestseller list through bulk sales.

Here’s how he did it: Ben Smith has a document indicates that Romney asked institutions to buy thousands of copies of his book in exchange for his speeches which might otherwise be paid.

“Asking that hosts buy books is also a standard feature of book tours. But Romney’s total price — $50,000 — was on the high end, and his publisher, according to the document from the book tour — provided on the condition it not be described in detail — asked institutions to pay at least $25,000, and up to the full $50,000 price, in bulk purchases of the book. With a discount of roughly 40 percent, that meant institutions could wind up with more than 3,000 copies of the book — and a person associated with one of his hosts said they still have quite a pile left over.”

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Sorry, I know it seems there is no end to the ignorance and lack of emphathy so there may be no point to bringing this up, but I just need to say once in a while that I am plain disgusted with these types of behavior by people of power: Mitt Romney hammered for “I’m also unemployed” quip

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was campaigning in Florida this morning when he said he wanted to tell his story, the New York Times reports - and added, “I’m also unemployed.”

The candidate then reportedly chuckled, as did the eight people gathered around him.

Romney, who made hundreds of millions of dollars as a businessman before becoming Massachusetts governor - his net worth has been estimated around $200 million - was speaking to a group of unemployed Floridians when he made the comment.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz quickly deemed the comment “inappropriate and insensitive to the millions of Americans looking for work.”

"This comment shows that Mitt Romney - a man who wants for nothing and whose only occupation for more than four years has been to run for President - is incredibly out of touch with what’s going on in our country and around the dinner tables of those who are out of work," she said.

Americans United for Change, meanwhile, called Romney an “out-of-touch hundred-millionaire” and sent reporters a photograph of a multi-million dollar Utah ski lodge he once owned.

Romney’s quip follows his release of a web video in which President Obama is portrayed as unconcerned with the plight of unemployed Americans. The video spotlights Mr. Obama’s comments that recent poor jobs numbers reflected “bumps on the road” in the path toward recovery, and showed unemployed Americans saying they aren’t bumps in the road.

Romney leads in polling of the Republican presidential contenders, and was seen as one of the winners of Monday night’s GOP presidential debate. At the end of his appearance in Florida Thursday, Romney signaled that he wasn’t taking anything for granted, joking that “I may be unemployed for longer than I’d like.”

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This up to 1000 years old snow has metamorphosed into highly pressurized glacier ice that contains almost no air bubbles. Thus it absorbs the visible light despite the scattered shortest blue fraction, giving it its distinct deep blue waved appearance. This cavity in the glacier ice formed as a result of a glacial mill, or moulin.

Rain and meltwater on the glacier surface is channelled into streams that enter the glacier at crevices. The waterfall melts a hole into the glacier while the ponded water drains towards lower elevations by forming long ice caves with an outlet at the terminus of the glacier. The fine grained sediments in the water along with wind blown sediments cause the frozen meltwater stream to appear in a muddy colour while the top of the cave exhibits the deep blue colour.

Due to the fast movement of the glacier of about 1 m per day over uneven terrain this ice cave cracked up at its end into a deep vertical crevice, called cerrac. This causes the indirect daylight to enter the ice cave from both ends resulting in homogeneous lighting of the ice tunnel.

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" ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers, all you free spirits and pioneers, all you visionaries and non-conformists… Everything that the establishment has told you is wrong with you is actually what’s right with you. You see things others don’t. You are hardwired to change the world. Unlike 9 out of 10 people—your mind is irrepressible—and this threatens authority. You were born to be a revolutionary. You can’t stand rules because in your heart you know there’s a better way. You have strengths dangerous to the establishment, and it wants them eliminated. So your whole life you’ve been told your strengths were weaknesses? Now I’m telling you otherwise. "

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Well, I don’t know if this applies to ALL but yes. I do believe that people with great ideas are often suppressed by the society in fear of disruption and unknown.

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